Readers ask: How To Get Each Digit Of A Number In Java?

How do you find each digit of a number?

Using Integer. toString Function (Using inbuilt Method) Using modulo operator. Java Program to Extract Digits from A Given Integer

  1. Take the integer input.
  2. Convert the input into string data.
  3. Traverse through the string and print the character at each position that is the digits of the number.

How do you extract digits in Java?

Java Program to Extract Digits from A Given Integer

  1. import java.util.Scanner;
  2. public class Extract_Digits.
  3. {
  4. public static void main(String args[])
  5. {
  6. int n, m, a, i = 1, counter = 0;
  7. Scanner s=new Scanner(System. in);
  8. System. out. print(“Enter any number:”);

How do I print each digit of a number?

Extract the last digit of the number N by N%10, and store that digit in an array(say arr[]). Update the value of N by N/10 and repeat the above step till N is not equals to 0. When all the digits have been extracted and stored, traverse the array from the end and print the digits stored in it.

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How do you find the largest digit in a number?

C program to find largest digit of a number

  1. int num, large = 0, rem = 0; /* get the input from the user */ printf(“Enter your input value:”);
  2. scanf(“%d”, &num); /* finding the largest digit of the given input */ while (num > 0) {
  3. rem = num % 10; if (rem > large) {
  4. } /* print the largest digit of the number */

How do you find Automorphic numbers?

How to find automorphic number?

  1. Read a number (num) from the user.
  2. Find the square of the given number and store it in a variable (square).
  3. Find the last digit(s) of the square.
  4. Compare the last digit(s) of the variable with num.
  5. Remove the last digit of the given number i.e. num.

How do you extract digits?

Extracting digits of a number is very simple. When you divide a number by 10, the remainder is the digit in the unit’s place. You got your digit, now if you perform integer division on the number by 10, it will truncate the number by removing the digit you just extracted.

What is happy number in Java?

Introduction to Happy Numbers in Java. Happy Number are positive non-zero integer numbers. If we find the sum of the squares of its every digit and repeat that process until the number will be equals to 1(one). Otherwise, it is called Unhappy Number or Sad Number.

How do you find the first digit of an integer?

To find first digit of a number we divide the given number by 10 until number is greater than 10. At the end we are left with the first digit.

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How do you find the tenth digit of a number?

So first find the mode of the number by dividing 100 i.e 54 will be the remainder then divide 10 to the remainder you will get the 10th position of that number.

How do you divide numbers into digits?

Since the numbers are decimal (base 10), each digit’s range should be 0 to 9.

  1. So, we can get it easy by doing modulo 10. Like,
  2. 12 % 10 => 2 ( we have split the digit 2 from number 12) Now, we have to split the digit 1 from number 12.
  3. 12 / 10 => 1. Now take modulo 10.
  4. 1 % 10 = 1.

How do you find the smallest digit of a number?

Take a number n as the input. An integer function smallest_digit(int n) takes ‘n’ as the input and returns the smallest digit in the given number. Now initialize min as the last digit of the given number. Iterate through the number and check if the number extracted is less than the minimum number.

How do you find the smallest digit in a number?

Next dividing the number by 10 so that after getting first digit it will be removed from original number. Loop will be continue up to number > 0. Finally smallest digit will be obtained and display the result.

What is the highest digit number?

The term digits are preferably used in computer science. In mathematics, these digits are said to be numerical digits or sometimes simply numbers. The smallest one-digit number is 1 and the largest one-digit number is 9.

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