Often asked: How To Reverse A String In Java Word By Word?

How do I reverse a word in a string in Java?

Java Program to reverse each word in String

  1. public class StringFormatter {
  2. public static String reverseWord(String str){
  3. String words[]=str.split(“\s”);
  4. String reverseWord=””;
  5. for(String w:words){
  6. StringBuilder sb=new StringBuilder(w);
  7. sb.reverse();
  8. reverseWord+=sb.toString()+” “;

How do you reverse the order of words in Java?


  1. Tokenize each word using String. split() method and create an array of words.
  2. Loop through the string array and use StringBuilder. reverse() method to reverse each word.
  3. Join all reversed words to create the resulting string.

How do you reverse words in a string?

Example: Program to reverse every word in a String using methods. In this Program, we first split the given string into substrings using split() method. The substrings are stored in an String array words. The program then reverse each word of the substring using a reverse for loop.

How do you swap two words in a string in Java?

How do you swap two string variables without using third or temp variable in java?

  1. public class SwapWithoutTemp {
  2. public static void main(String args[]) {
  3. String a = “Love”;
  4. String b = “You”;
  5. System.out.println(“Before swap: ” + a + ” ” + b);
  6. a = a + b;
  7. b = a.substring(0, a.length() – b.length());
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How do you reverse a word in Java without inbuilt function?

reverse(s) by passing the given string.

  1. import java.util.Scanner;
  2. public class ReverseStringExample3.
  3. {
  4. public static void main(String[] arg)
  5. {
  6. ReverseStringExample3 rev=new ReverseStringExample3();
  7. Scanner sc=new Scanner(System.in);
  8. System.out.print(“Enter a string: “);

How do you reverse all words in a string C++?

C++ Program to reverse the words of a given string [DEVCPP/GCC]

  1. cout<<"ENTER STRING: "; getline(cin,s); //To find the length of string. len=s.length();
  2. //To reverse whole string. for(i=0;i<(len/2);i++) { temp=s[i];
  3. //To reverse each word seperately. for(i=0;i
  4. return 0; }

How do you convert Chararray to string?

Method 2: Another way to convert a character array to a string is to use the StringBuilder class. Since a StringBuilder is a mutable class, therefore, the idea is to iterate through the character array and append each character at the end of the string. Finally, the string contains the string form of the characters.

Why is string immutable in Java?

The String is immutable in Java because of the security, synchronization and concurrency, caching, and class loading. The reason of making string final is to destroy the immutability and to not allow others to extend it. The String objects are cached in the String pool, and it makes the String immutable.

How do you split a string in Java?

Following are the two variants of split() method in Java:

  1. Public String [ ] split ( String regex, int limit )
  2. public String[] split(String regex) This variant of split method takes a regular expression as parameter, and breaks the given string around matches of this regular expression regex. Here by default limit is 0.
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What is it called when you switch words in a sentence?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A spoonerism is an error in speech in which corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched (see metathesis) between two words in a phrase.

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